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The recycled metal robot is made from chains, springs, rods, ball bearings, brake bands, gears, and lots of other Recycled metal. It's welded together piece by piece and polished, then coated with lacquer to prevent it from rust and look shiny. This kind of fine art is very new in the world. It shows marvelous creation.

###We have exclusive rights directly from the talented artists 'MR. Santo', 'MR.Prakasit', 'MR.Srinuan', 'MR.Thanathon', "Adisak Chiamton" to sell their amazing fine art sculptures, that each of the pieces took them over 1 month to create. We can get any sculptures made to order. If you have a request for a special order, please do not hesitate to send us email for information.

Adisak Chiamton